Although this week saw a lot more chirping (3 weeks in a row now) and bickering, the league wants to remind everyone (and tell all the new guys) why GBBL was set up in the first place.  Last year, a few guys decided to play basketball during the winter months.  An unofficial league was set up with regular guys, regular subs, stats, GUT points all incorporated.  People were having fun and looking forward to coming out, not to simply accumulate GUT points but to have fun playing ball, meeting new friends and fostering old friendships.  Unfortunately, this seems to have been lost in the first 3 weeks in season 2 and the league is now requesting everyone to just go back and play ball and have fun.  No one is getting paid for this and you accumulating GUT points does nothing for your everyday lives.  Treat GBBL as an outlet to come out once a week and hang with the boys and have fun.  Regarding the intentional foul rule, the league has decided that we will attempt it one more time, but only for the last 10 seconds of the finals.  If you feel someone is running out the clock, play defense, double team etc.  Although we want to remain competitive, let’s bring out our Islamic values into play and remind ourselves how lucky we are and to have fun.