Welcome to Get Buckets Basketball League (GBBL) Youngbloods!!  In the spirit of brotherhood and Islamic principles, no profanity, in ANY language, or any fighting or hard fouls that result in other players injury will be tolerated.  A team/player has the right to place a grievance with league management if any of the above occurred.  League management may warn and/or expel the player (s) from the court.  Repeat offenders will be suspended from future games or the league based on league managements discretion.


Feel free to bring your own basketballs for warmups; GBBL has 2 officially designated balls for league play, to ensure parity with the same type of basketball is being used by both games.  For those wearing glasses, please either consider wearing contact lenses, or ensure your glasses can stay on your face, to avoid possible injury or breaking them.

All full time players are required to purchase all 6 team jerseys with a custom number on them.  The jerseys are mandatory to wear for each game.  If someone loses their jersey or a jersey is damaged throughout the season, a replacement shirt will need to be purchased by that player at the full price.

$15 penalty for not wearing team jersey without cause in addition to that individual's team forfeiting home court throughout the round robin. Additional penalties may apply for subsequent infractions.


GBBL encompasses 6 unique teams, each representing a specific color.  The team you are drafted on, is the team logo and color shirt you are required to wear on that week.  The 6 teams that make up GBBL are:

  • Legends             -        Blue
  • Soldiers              -        Red
  • Direwolves        -        Grey
  • Ballers                -        White
  • Mambas            -         Black
  • Goons                -         Green


Games will be played primarily on Tuesdays (with a couple exceptions where it will be Thursdays).  The full season schedule will be posted on our website prior to the start of the season.  Games will be played at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre (aka the Velodrome): 2015 Pan Am Blvd, Milton, ON, L9E 0K7.  Games will begin promptly at 8:25pm (NO EXCEPTIONS), so please arrive prior to 8:25pm to ensure you have enough time to change, stretch and get acquainted with your new teammates that week.  A team can only begin play if they have 4 players on the court ready to go; anything less than 4 players, 2 minutes after the start time, the team will forfeit 1-0 to the opposing team.


Roll call is sent out Friday morning of every week and deadline to respond is Sunday at noon (NO EXCEPTIONS).  The roll call is sent out to all 30 regular season players.  If all 30 confirm, then we’re good, if some do not, then we move on to the official substitution list (team name SUB) to replace those missing guys to bring the weekly total to 30 players.  The substitution roll call deadline is Monday at noon (NO EXCEPTIONS), and the weekly captains will be set by the commissioner Monday at 1pm.


Each week, captains are selected to represent a team.  Captains are selected based on their skill set/size/stamina etc. to ensure all 5/6 captains are somewhat equal to ensure a level playing field.  Once captains and players are confirmed, commissioner randomly sets up the draft order for that week and captains will make their selections.  The draft follows a snake system meaning the last person drafting in round 1, will be the first person drafting in round 2.  Additionally, based on the draft order, the reverse of that order is the order in which captains can select the teams they want to represent that week.  Weekly draft will take place Monday nights at 10pm (usually doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes); if you are selected as a captain and agreed, then please ensure you are able to be on the WhatsApp group at 10pm to draft your team.  Other than captains, the rest of the league will not be made aware of how the draft went and the teams will be posted/announced in alphabetical order on Tuesday mornings in the WhatsApp group chat.  Once a team is drafted, captains do NOT have the ability to trade players, and those players are locked in.  In the event a drafted player cannot make it last minute, the team will be provided a substitute player if 1 is available.


Teams are expected to be ready to go on the court with their teams by 8:25pm.  A schedule will be provided to every team along with assistant commissioners telling people the games and courts they will play on.  There are 6 teams, and each team will receive 2 byes (only 4 teams can play at once), and each team will play each other 2 times in the round robin.  At the end of the round robin, the 2 teams from that week that have the highest points, will move on to a finals game to determine that week’s champions.


All games are 4 on 4, with each team having a substitute player.  Team captains are to ensure that each player plays a minimum of 2 minutes of each game and that the player subbing in and out of each game remains fair.  If a team is found in violation of this, the opposing captains can discuss the issue with the team captain or bring it up with league management at the games.  Games are capped at whoever scores 13 points first or whoever is leading after 10 minutes.  At the end of each game, the 2 team captains will advise the scorekeeper of the final score of hteir game.  In regards to standings, NO players are to approach the scorekeeper to determine the current standings.  Players may ask around from other teams to attempt to determine, however, the final standings will be revealed prior to the last game of the round robin.  This is to ensure that ALL teams at ALL times play to their full potential to avoid teams giving up and allowing an unfair advantage to other teams.  If a player is found to repeatedly ask the scorekeeper of the standings, that player may be subject to fines or suspensions.  If the game is tied, it will end in a tie and each team will receive 1 point for the tie.  A win is 2 points for a team.  Scoring system is 2 point for every made basket, and 3 points for every 3-pointer made.  Fouls are called on the court and should be respected by both teams.  Hard fouls or continuously fouling/playing dirty will result in league management review and could end up with warnings and/or suspensions.  "Take" fouls that occur at the end of the game in a 1 possession game will result in the fouled team gaining an extra possession with 10 seconds.  At the end of each game, the team captain (and only the team captain) will provide the official scorekeepers with the final scores of that game.  Games are hard capped at 10 minutes or the scoring limit, whichever comes first.  This is done to ensure all games are played in the round robin and so that a final can happen, given that we only have the gym for a set number of hours. 


Teams tied in round-robin points going into the finals will be determined using tie breakers in the following order

  1. Full Wins (Win w/ 13pts scored)
  2. Wins
  3. Point Differential
  4. Head to Head
  5. Points For
  6. Points Against


Finals are played in 2 halves of 7 minutes with no score limit.  The scoring remains the same with each basket counted as 2 point and each 3-pointer counted as 3 points.  The team with the most points at the end of the 2 halves will be crowned that week’s champions.  If the game is tied, a 2min OT will be played. After that 1st to score will win.  The team with the highest point total in the round robin will get the ball in the first half, while the other team will get it first in the 2nd half.  If OT is required, the team that finished higher in the round robin will get the ball first.  If after OT the 2 teams are tied, a coin flip will determine who gets the ball first in the final frame and whoever scores 1st will win.  Additionally, clock management in the finals is a continuous clock (unless there is a major delay), until the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.  At that point, the clock is stopped after every stoppage in play.

Close game: If the game is close in the final 30 seconds of the Finals (2 possession game or less) an intentional foul rule is in play and can be used. This is to avoid the winning team from dribbling out the clock. To intentionally foul, player must yell out foul and grab the player with the ball (you cannot intentionally foul a player without the ball - this will not stop the clock). The fouled player will be awarded 2 FT's. The 1st FT will be for 1 point. The 2nd FT will be for possession of the ball. Intentional Foul can only be used max 3 times by a team


  1. Made both FT = 2 points for the team & retain possession of the ball
  2. Made 1st, Missed 2nd = 2 points for the team. Possession goes to opposing team
  3. Missed 1st, Made 2nd = No point for the team. Retain possession of the ball
  4. Missed both FT = no point for team & possession turnover



GUT Points (Get Buckets Ultimate Team Points), are the weekly point system included in the league.  Individual scoring is tracked for only the 2 teams that make the finals that week.  By making the finals itself, each member of that team will receive a set number of GUT points.  If your team wins that week’s championship, each member of that team will receive an additional set of GUT points.  Additionally, in the finals, points scored, 3-pointers made, and rebounds are all counted towards your individual GUT points.  At the end of each week, a summary of that week’s performance along with the cumulative GUT points for each player in the league will be shown on the website for your reference.  At the end of the 18-week season, the top 10 GUT point earners will be crowned the All GUT Team and will play in the GUT All Star game comprised of 2 teams of 5 which will be captained by the top 2 GUT point earners.


Each week, players and teams who make it to the finals, will have an opportunity to accumulate GUT points for their season standings.  Players will receive GUT points for making the finals, winning the finals and any additional contributions they make in the finals (win or lose) regarding specific stats that are being tracked.  The following is a breakdown on how the GUT points scoring system works:

  • Making Finals:                                    2 GUT points
  • Winning Finals:                                  5 GUT points
  • Each 2pt bucket Scored:                  0.5 GUT points
  • Each 3-Pointer Scored                      1 GUT point
  • Each Rebound Secured:                   0.5 GUT points
  • Each Assist:                                        0.5 GUT points
  • GUT Dynasty:                                     5 GUT points

Additionally, 2 of the 5 weekly captains that are not competing in the finals for that week, will be required to score one of the teams in the finals and ensure that teams points, 3-pointers and rebounds are tracked for each player.


Except for week 1, every week there will be a defending champion entering the week.  The team that wins the weekly championship, will remain the same if 4 of the 5 players return, meaning that team will not draft (they may have to draft the 1 player that doesn’t return, and will be placed in the draft order of where the missing player was drafted the previous week).  Other than week 1, there will be 5 weekly captains and 5 new teams re-drafted (unless more than 4 players cannot return to the champions team, then they will have a brand-new team as well).  This is done to ensure everyone has the chance to play with everyone during the 18 weeks.  The goal for each team is to win 3 consecutive weeks without breaking up.  By winning 3 consecutive weeks, your team will be crowned as a Dynasty team resulting in additional GUT pts.  At any point if a team wins 3 and becomes a Dynasty, they must break up on the 4th week and all 5 teams will be reset.


As is the case in most pickup basketball leagues, tempers sometimes could flair up, and people may occasionally foul harder than normal.  Please remember that although the league is meant to remain competitive, bringing in our Islamic values is first and foremost, and brotherhood amongst all of us should be top priority.  If at any time there is an issue you would like to discuss, please contact the commissioner and he and the board members will discuss the matter in further details and will act appropriately.  If there are issues during your game, please speak to your team captain for that week and he will either help resolve the issue or take it up with league management.


Awards will be distributed at the end of the regular season and after the All-Star game.  1st & 2nd Team All Stars will recieve medals based on the finals in the All Star game.  The remaining awards are as follows:

  1. GUT Scoring champion
  2. Most Valuable Player
  3. Most Improved Player
  4. Teammate of the Year
  5. Skills Challenge Winner
  6. 1 vs. 1 Challenge Winner
  7. 3pt Challenge Winner

Finally, the winner of the Teammate of the Year award will have half of their league fees covered by the league as a thank you for demonstrating the proper etiquettes of a teammate, on and off the court.

Rules are subject to change without notice by GBBL management.