Season 4 Changes & Expectations

Welcome to Season 4 of GBBL. We are excited to get things going on what should be a full season with no interruptions due to Covid, something we've had to deal with in the last 2 seasons.With Season 4 about to tip off, GBBL is announcing some changes to go along with expectations.


- Expansion team: The Goons are the 6th franchise to join GBBL. 
- 5 round robin games. Each team will face every other team once
- 2's and 3's for scoring
- Games are dead at 13pts or 10mins
- 1st tie breaker is now 'Full wins' (wins with 13pts)
- Free throws in the finals: 1st FT is worth 2pts, 2nd FT is for possession.


- No dribbling out the clock purposely to get the win. This is an honor system, but the expectation is to shoot in 30secs or less. Repeated offense by a team will be reviewed & forfeits may be issued.
- Captains: This year we are asking the captains to be much more involved during game day. Captains will be responsible for getting their team on the right court and starting games on time. Also, they are the only ones to report the final score to the scorekeeper. Captains are also to handle any disputes that may arise related to calls and such. Any arguments should be dealt with by the captains if the players can't come to a solution.
- Regular players: All 30 players are expected to be captains and draft when asked
- Attendance: Attendance was an issue last season. Players that play less than 70% during the season will not have a guaranteed spot next year (injuries are an exception). This will be tracked going forward along with coming to the games on time.
- Fighting: Still zero tolerance for any fighting. Any altercation will be reviewed and may result in suspensions. Any physical act such as throwing a punch will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

Final Note:

This league was created as a way to keep guys committed to running pickup basketball. It has grown into something much more special. It's a way to stay active in the winter but also as a way to stay in touch with a group of brothers weekly. While we are all competitive, and everyone shows up every week with the hopes of winning and gaining GUT points, this is not the main goal. No one will remember how many GUT points you had in a season, but they will remember how you treated others and the difference you made as part of the league.

If you're coming just for cardio or because you want to play super competitive basketball, there are tons of other leagues you might be better off in. GBBL is a brotherhood, its an exclusive club. While its Dynasty format has gotten popular and the league has gained tons of interest, we have chosen not to expand exponentially but rather naturally, with guys that get along and guys who have a connection greater than basketball. It's a league where every player regardless of skill can make a difference and have fun.

This is your league. What you see now is mainly a result of 2 guys putting in a lot of work. We implore the rest of you to come up with ways to get involved, come up with ideas for social media, for charity, etc. Imagine with more guys stepping up what we can do.

Let's not forget why we play and remember you're playing with and against bros out there. While we are competitive, keep that competitiveness friendly. There is no room for constant arguments, disagreements, questioning others integrity and fighting.

Wishing everyone a great season. 

Jav Ahmed