Season 3 - Important Reminders

GBBL has been back in full force for 3 full weeks (plus an exhibition week) and the competition has been heating up.  With the league being away for almost 2 years and GBBL welcoming a bunch of new faces, we thought it would be good to take this time to send out a few important reminders.

GBBL was created to foster camaraderie and brotherhood amongst a select number of guys that were all hand chosen.  Although we all want to remain competitive, let’s all remember what the purpose of the league is. Unfortunately, this seems to have been lost in the first 3 weeks in season 3 with so many petty fouls being called, and the league is now requesting everyone to just go back and play ball and have fun.  No one is getting paid for this and you accumulating GUT points does nothing for your everyday lives.  Treat GBBL as an outlet to come out once a week and hang with the boys and have fun.

A few more points of note:

  • Regarding the sub rule, unfortunately, 1 incident was noticed, and action was taken.  All players must play each game (unless the game ends within a few minutes and the sub had no chance to come in).  If a team has played more than 50% of the game and the 5th player (unless injured) has not come in, the team will forfeit the game and the opposing team will win 1-0.  Remember, we all want to win, but we all equally paid, so let’s ensure everyone gets equal playing time.
  • If you are called upon to Captain/GM a team for the week, please do your best to help accommodate.  The league attempts to get everyone involved, and whether you know people or not, this is a great way to get to know some.  Additionally, it gets very hard to get 4/5 captains of the same caliber, so if you are chosen, trust there is a reason for this and it makes it difficult for management if you decline.
  • Although the league has a management system in place, please remember this is YOUR league.  If you can help with anything (i.e., weekly recaps, Instagram posts, sneakers of the week, scorekeeping or helping set up), please reach out to management.  All help is greatly appreciated.
  • If you have other ideas that would benefit the league (i.e. more exposure) or those around us (i.e. communities that may need help), please reach out to management.  Initiatives such as charities, photographers, tournaments or off court activities would all be welcomed

Although we want to remain competitive, let’s bring out our Islamic values into play and remind ourselves how lucky we are, to have fun and make the most of the opportunities in front of us. 

With that in mind, rest up and see you all next week YoungBloods!!!