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After over a decade in Japan balling with the Mambas, Drew found himself much older than the rest of the league. So much older guys referred to him as Uncle out of respect. Uncle Drew realized his days of pro ball were coming to an end and it was time for some R&R back home.

Uncle Drew decided he would settle down near the beaches in California for the warm weather & lifestyle. He would take a break from ball but would routinely go watch ball at popular spots, especially Venice Beach. Guys had talent down here, but the game was more about flash than skills. Dudes down here were ballin’ on and off the court.

The more Uncle Drew saw them play ball the more it pissed him off. They lacked the respect & hard work that a baller should have. It wasn’t long before Uncle Drew decided to teach these youngins a lesson. Lesson #1: “Don’t reach Youngblood”. He schooled dudes daily and the guys that couldn’t beat him eventually joined him & The Ballers were born. These Ballers might be flashy w/ big egos but they had the game to back it up.

The Ballers represent Uncle Drew’s glitz and glamour phase but also his passion to play the game the right way. If you’re gonna be a baller & shot-caller make sure you can back it up on and off the court!

The Ballers definitely backed it up in Season 1 with 7 Finals wins and the only team to Dynasty (aka 3peat)